Weighted Blankets and Claustrophobia

One question I'm asked about often is if people with some level of claustrophobia should use a weighted blanket.

The simple answer for a majority of those people is No.

Weighted blankets are helpful for a large number of issues (anxiety, insomnia, RLS, etc), but claustrophobia is not one of them. The feedback that I've gotten is that the weight of a weighted blanket ends up making the claustrophobic anxiety ever worse.

There are some cases of people saying that they do help, though, and they explain it like this: The 'claustrophobic' feeling is constrained to the part of the body underneath the weighted blanket. Of course, this means their head is still open and free. This allows them to maintain the feeling of control that is normally lost with claustrophobic conditions.

In conclusion, I'd say weighted blankets are beneficial for 15-20% of those with claustrophobia, and not beneficial for the other 80-85%.