How Hot Are Weighted Blankets?

Are they too hot for year around use? Are they too hot for summer use? One of the biggest concerns people have with weighted blankets is the amount of heat they retain. Naturally, the thickness and material of weighted blanket means that they'll keep you much warmer than a regular comforter. The beads (glass or plastic) are great insulators, meaning they hold heat in pretty well. For some people, this results in them waking up in the middle of the night finding themselves uncomfortably hot. On the rare occasion that this happens to me, I like to stick a leg out from under the blanket and that's usually enough to keep my body temperature in check.
If heat is a concern for you, you'll want to find a weighted blanket that has a cotton inner layer and a breathable duvet cover (that is, if you want a duvet cover). Like this one: 15lb with Breathable Cover In conclusion, yes, weighted blankets keep some people too hot for summer use, but almost nobody complains about them during the winter or on colder days. claims to have a breathable cotton minky cover on their new blankets.