Best Weighted Blankets of 2022

(updated November 2022)

Everyone is talking about weighted blankets and I'm sure you came here looking for some more information and reviews, right?

If you don't know which one to buy or how to find out which one is for you, just keep on reading. I'll teach you all about weighted blankets and what they can do to improve your health and happiness!

If you've come here looking for a simple 'Just tell me what the best one is so I can get this over with' type of suggestion, here it is: The highest quality, most reliable, and most comfortable weighted blanket is THIS ONE

It is worth every penny and more. I've given 4 of them as gifts this year alone. Two duvets are mandatory for weighted blankets.

A weighted blanket is designed to be therapeutic for anxiety, insomnia, restless leg syndrome, stress, autism, anxiety, and more. Humans are biologically programmed to feel more calm under an even layer of weight on the body. Weighted blankets trigger the release of happy chemicals such as serotonin.

The purpose of this website is to teach the 101 on weighted blankets and rank and review the top 7 weighted blankets available.


#1 Choice for Hot and Cold Sleepers



The Chilla blanket comes in a 3-piece set including both a Winter and Summer duvet cover making this a blanket you will want to use all year long. Perfect for either hot or cold sleepers.

  • Summer Duvet Cover
  • Winter Duvet Cover
  • 15lb, 20lb, 25lb options
  • Duvets are removable and washable
  • 120 segments for even weight distribution
  • 8 Tie Points to attach duvet cover
  • Pretty box makes it a perfect gift
  • 60" x 80"
  • 87" x 80" King Size Available
  • Available in: White, Navy Blue, Gray, Carbon, Tan, Red



This series of blanket offers most of the advantages of other blankets, but at a slightly lower quality. Comes with one duvet cover.

  •  Duvet Cover
  • 50 segments for even weight distribution
  • 6 Tie Points to attach duvet cover
  • 60"x80"
  • 15lb, 20lb
  • Navy Blue and Gray



The CuteKing blanket is a bare bones weighted blanket with a price point to match.

Pockets on weighted layer for even weight distribution. Available in 15lb, 20lb, and 25lb sizes.

No removable cover included.



Gravity is a well known brand in the weighted blanket space. They offer mediocre products at high prices.

Smallest size (48x72inches) of any manufacturer. Duvet cover is not comfortable and doesn't wash well.

Overall, the product itself isn't terrible, but coupled with its cost, you're better off looking elsewhere.


Platinum Health

This is a decent blanket that comes in a few unique colors.

Good size and color options and a middle of the road pricing list.



The ZonLi blanket is a bare bones weighted blanket with a price point to match.

Pockets on weighted layer for even weight distribution. Available in many sizes and colors.

No removable cover included. But if you do want a cover, it will add around $40 for any of their many choices.



YnM sells more weighted blankets than almost any other company on Amazon, so I had to include them on my list.

They're often times the cheapest option, but there are many reports of the blankets having a strange odor.